Why did we start Mentally Well Workplaces?

Everybody has mental health, just as we all have physical health!

Considering we all have mental health, why is it so taboo to talk about it at work, a place where we all spend a considerable amount of time each day, week and month co-existing in?

And why don’t workplaces recognise mental health in the same way they do physical health?

It’s time for a change!

At Mentally Well Workplaces our mission is to help every business across the World create workplaces that enable careers, teams and individuals to flourish in a supportive and educated environment free of discrimination and stigma, which often surround mental health issues and illnesses.

Our goal is to increase each workplaces productivity, whilst lowering employee absenteeism and turnover and reducing mental health related workers compensation. This includes raising a considerable amount of awareness and education about mental health illnesses and their impact to employers and employees, whilst providing accredited global training courses, mental health inductions and awareness workshops, to help every organisation  to become a mentally well workplace.


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What is a ‘Mentally Well Workplace’ & how can you help create one?

  • A Mentally Well Workplace is one that actively encourages and promotes positive mental health for all their employees and relevant stakeholders.
  • A Mentally Well Workplace reduces psychological health and safety risks for employees and encourages mentally healthy work practices whilst implementing mental health policies and procedures.
  • A Mentally Well Workplace allows employees access to readily available mental health resources such as written guides, videos, medical experts, online communities, mental health first aiders, webinars and more.
  • A Mentally Well Workplace encourages its employees and stakeholders to undertake modern mental health practices whilst also supporting and enabling recovery and modern return to work processes.
  • A Mentally Well Workplace is free of discrimination and affords employees who have experienced mental illness, a workplace that is non judgmental whilst encouraging active workplace and team participation.