Every American employee deserves to work in a Mentally Well Workplace.

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Why Do We Need Mentally Well Workplaces?

Our mission is to help every business across the USA create and sustain ‘Mentally Well Workplace’ which allows individuals, teams and workplaces to flourish. 

Organisations across America need this because:
  • Globally, an estimated 264 million people suffer from depression
  • Depression and anxiety have a significant economic impact; the estimated cost to the global economy is US$ 1 trillion per year in lost productivity.
  • There are many effective actions that organizations can take to promote mental health in the workplace; such actions may also benefit productivity.
The benefits are strong:
  • If employers can deliver mentally well workplaces they could realistically see workforce participation rates improve by 30%
  • For every US$ 1 put into scaled up treatment for common mental disorders, there is a return of US$ 4 in improved health and productivity.
  • Committed employees are 87% less likely to resign 
  • (statistics are courtesy of the World Health Organisation & Allianz’s Awareness Into Action Report, Jan 2019)

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